“What you do has far greater impact than what you say”

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Why CA?

Enhance your skills:

By becoming the CA , enhance your convincing abilities and nourish your communication and managerial skills.

For a better future:

By becoming the CA , get connected to various other people ,which will help you in increasing your contacts,representing your college will polish the leadership skills within you.

Internship Opportunities:

By doing your work perfectly, get a chance of getting internships from the top rated companies of the country.


  • Internship Opportunities,free online courses,free workshop coupons for the Top performing Campus Ambassadors.
  • Special Appreciation to the Campus Ambassador(s) who organizes a workshop in his/her respective college/institute under AXIS'19.
  • Free entry ,exclusively for the Campus Ambassador who manages to come up with maximum entries or participation for the respective AXIS’19 workshop.
  • Special Gifts and goodies for the “Campus Ambassador of the month”.
  • Free AXIS’19 T-Shirts for the top performing Campus Ambassadors.
  • “Certificate of appreciation” to all the Campus Ambassadors.


  • Publicity of various workshops,events and guest lectures under AXIS in your college through posters sent by AXIS.

  • Organize workshops in your college under the guidance of AXIS,VNIT Nagpur.

  • Publicizing various events of AXIS in different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram,Whatsapp by sharing the posts of AXIS.


He/She is the first point of contact and the publicity head of AXIS in his/her respective college.
His/her college id card would do.
CA has to share the posts of AXIS through various social media platforms and posters of various events of AXIS in his/her college notice board.
Sincerity towards the work is expected.
You can drop a mail to

Harshita Bajaj
Chaitanya Jaolekar
Durgesh Rallapalli
Himanshu Tambe
Sahithi Maddipatla