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Be a Campus Ambassador!

About AXIS :

AXIS is the annual technical festival of VNIT(NIT,Nagpur) where the students organize and manage various workshops, guest lectures and events to provide a platform to the young engineers to convert the theoretical knowledge to practical innovations. AXIS believes in innovation and team work to become one of the best experiences a student can ever have. Over the years, AXIS has transformed into Central India’s largest technical festival and is counted to be amongst the top in the nation.


Why CA?

Enhance your skills

By becoming a CA , enhance your convincing abilities and nourish your communication and managerial skills.

For a better future

Get connected to a variety of people while representing your college,thus polishing leadership skills and increasing contacts.

Internship Opportunities

By doing your work perfectly, get a chance of getting internships from the top rated companies of the country.


  • Publicity of various workshops,events and guest lectures under AXIS in your college through posters sent by AXIS.
  • Organize workshops in your college under the guidance of AXIS,VNIT Nagpur.
  • Publicizing various events of AXIS in different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram,Whatsapp by sharing the posts of AXIS.


  • Internship Opportunities,free online courses,free workshop coupons for the Top performing Campus Ambassadors.
  • Special Appreciation to the Campus Ambassador(s) who organizes a workshop in his/her respective college/institute under AXIS'20.
  • Free entry ,exclusively for the Campus Ambassador who manages to come up with maximum entries or participation for the respective AXIS’20 workshop.
  • Special Gifts and goodies for the “Campus Ambassador of the month”.
  • Free AXIS’20 T-Shirts for the top performing Campus Ambassadors.
  • “Certificate of appreciation” to all the Campus Ambassadors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a Campus Ambassador?

He/She is the first point of contact and the publicity head of AXIS in his/her respective college.

What is the eligibility criteria to become a CA?

By just filling a small survey and his/her ID card will do.

What kind of responsibilities a CA has to fulfill?

CA has to share the posts of AXIS through various social media platforms and posters of various events of AXIS in his/her college notice board.

How much time a CA has to spend?

Sincerity towards the work is expected.

What to do if i have any other queries?

You can drop a mail to ca@axisvnit.org


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