Automation and Robotics

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AXIS-Igniting Minds

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Construction and Design

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Management and Others

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School Events

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Software and Electronics

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221B Baker Street

The mind-boggling origin of something is what we can't decipher easily. Challenge your mind and find what is the genesis of your intellect. 221B Baker Street is the ultimate maze for you. This mind-boggling maze tests your astute observation skills, deductive reasoning and logical thinking. With Google as your Dr Watson encounter nail-biting situations as you find your way through this labyrinth for at the end only one will be crowned SHERLOCK! Find the quizzer in you and see you soon there vouching for becoming the SHERLOCK!!

Event Managers:
  • Hrushikesh Kandale: 7715987343
  • Samay Sanghvi: 8237877685
    • STORY MODE DATE: 18th Feb Sunday at 9 PM IST

To download the rules of the eventclick here.

To download the problem statement click here.


Do you think you can give life to your ideas through superb animations? Then this event is for you! Channel your creative energy and get ready to animate your thoughts. Create your own innovative animation videos on the themes given and let your ideas take on a whole new dimension!

Event Managers:
  • Srichandra: 9849046579
  • Srilekha Gudipati: 9604307572
  • Sai Sandeep Yalamanchili: 8121480507

To download the rules of the event click here.

To download the problem statement click here.


Show off your robotics skills in this water robotics event! Challenge yourself and build an aquatic robot that can operate underwater. Manoeuvre your robot as it completes complicated tasks in this unique aquatic tournament.

Event Managers:
  • Amey Thakare: 8879710910
  • Shubham Thakre: 9637328065
  • Pritam Ingole: 7038232710

General Rules:

  • The robot should fit in a box of 30 x 30 x 30 cm in its most compact form.
  • A Maximum of 5 people can be there in a group.
  • The robot has to be necessarily controlled by some wired/wireless remote controlled mechanism at all stages of the event.
  • The controlling wires should not be held taut at any point of the event.
  • Wireless bot will be awarded extra points in preliminary round i.e. the 'First Mission'.
  • Use of Lego kits or readymade mechanisms is strictly prohibited.
  • Violation of this clause will lead to disqualification of the robot.
  • However, readymade gear and shafts may be used.
  • The potential difference between any two points on the bot should not exceed 12V.
  • A 12V power supply will be provided by us.
  • Damage to the arena by the bot may result in disqualification.
  • Event managers' decision will be final and binding.

The points system described below are for the 'First Round' only. The points for the Second Round will be disclosed at the time of 'Second Round' itself, although no modifications in the design of bots is required for the 'Second Round'.

  • Each team will be given 10 minutes to complete the tasks/event. For testing of their bots, 2 extra minutes will be given before the start of tasks/event.
  • The points are decided according to placement of the blocks on the safety islands ranging from 10 to 30.
  • Every time, the bot passes the turbulence region, extra 5 points will be awarded.
  • If the team drops any block into the water, 5 points will be deducted from their total score.
  • Grabbing and placing the T-shaped block( Thor's Hammer) successfully on any of the safety islands will be awarded with extra 100 points.
  • Innovation in the design of bots will be awarded with 50 points.

To download the rules of event click here.

To download the problem statement click here.

Aqua Skylark

Design your own rocket to shoot up in the sky like a rebel! Exciting? It will be, for sure when you can fabricate your own water rocket to go up the space and probably befriend a few aliens! No, you do not need to be an aerospace engineer to participate. Just build a simple water-propelled rocket, and there you go! Don't worry, it's not ROCKET SCIENCE!

Event Managers:
  • Vamshi Krishna Veera: 9492405651
  • Moderesa Gopal: 7030524635
  • Jinka Naga Sai Gowri: 7981095257

To download the rules of the eventclick here.

To download the rules of the eventclick here.


Design and build your own robots which can autonomously navigate through a labyrinth of obstacles and figure out the shortest and simplest path!

Event Managers:
  • Shinde Chaitanya Sharad: 9167313246
  • Pushkar Saraf: 7756881415

To download the rules click here.

To download the problem statement click here.


Quizzing in itself is an art...worth possessing and showcasing.AXIS'18 provides you the platform to showcase your talent in quizzing.Are you set to wake up your brain and find its genesis!!!

Event Managers:
  • Anushree Deshpande: 7841956932
  • Shubham Gupta : 8087806702

To view/download the rules of the eventclick here.

This Quiz is designed to challenge your deductive reasoning, knowledge about the world around you and your nimble mind. You'll need to use your quick wit and brainstorm your way to the top! Engage in a battle of wits along with your teammate with the sharpest minds of Nagpur in this quizzing contest.


Has the world reckoned bridges Golden Gate and Sydney Harbor intrigued you? Can u build an architecture of similar worth? Take up the challenge and embellish a solid, secure bridge from flimsy popsicle sticks and simple glue. Outweigh this structure with an unlimited load to check your mechanical proficiency. Remember...triangles are strong!

Event Managers:
  • Pranavi Reddy: 8686355234
  • Akshar Rakholiya: 9978514443
  • Rohit Chavan: 7875415243


  • Maximum 4 students per team.


  • First the structure will be reviewed to check if it violates any rules mentioned above.
  • The bridge will be scored on how well the material has been used to support the load.
  • The efficiency will be calculated as the ratio of ultimate load capacity and the bridge weight.
  • The deflection of the bridge at the yielding will be noted. If the deflection increases more than10 mm, then the load at the deflection will betaken as ultimate load.

To Download the problem statement click here.


Unleash your inner genius and participate in this unique battle of wits! Cryptocrux involves a one of a kind encryption-decryption quiz to test your problem solving abilities.The 'crux' of the game is to observe and think. So put on your thinking caps and prove your worth!

Event Managers:
  • Pragati Chougula: 9930198202
  • Shreyas Dixshit: 9967585092

Cryptocrux is a one of its kind event aimed at testing the logical and analytical abilities of the participants. A wide range of questions on logical reasoning, analysis, deduction, puzzles and most importantly, cipher promise to keep one's brain cells totally charged up!

  • The first round is shortlisting round, the question paper for which will be available offline.

  • The second round is a 20minute elimination round conducted on-site.

  • The third round is an all-new, all exciting interactive round wherein the participants go through a series of brain racking problems to outshine the others!

No Problem Statement.


Think you have the caliber to generate innovative and groundbreaking solutions? Have the thought of re-creating the world? Then devise is the place for you! This is your chance to test your mettle against other creative minds and know where you stand among your peers. If you think your design solutions are more efficient than others, then test yourself to design the most inspired solutions for the design problem statements we give you. Delve deep into your creative core and originate the most unexpected panacea to these problems.

Event Managers:
  • Aditya Wasekar: 9665345145
  • Shashank Jain: 7771048056
  • Khushboo Kumari: 7769839907
  • Mansi Rathi: 8275248592

To view/download the rules of DEVISE Click here.

To view/download the problem statement for ARCHITECH Level 1 click here.

To view/download the problem statement for ARCHITECH Level 2 click here.

To view/download the problem statement for DESIGNO Level 1 click here.

To view/download the problem statement for DESIGNO Level 2 click here.


Children are the genesis source for a progressive future of our nation. To uncover the latent talent of school children, AXIS conducts DEXTER every year, which is an All India Aptitude Test, conducted in two levels. The first level shortlists students, who are invited to VNIT to compete for a few more finesse contests. The student showing dexterity and proficiency throughout the event becomes India's next DEXTER.

  • Set A
  • Set B
  • Set C
  • Set D
  • Set E

  • Top 50 participants are announced! :
    • Click here.

    • Event Managers:
      • Sumit Saboo: 9664181239
      • Shashank Hegde: 9757235823
      • Pichala Priyanka: 7030152313
      • Vaibhav Gawande: 9922383872
      • Vaishnavi Naik: 8275534607
      • Sanket Kapse: 7775938359


Think you know all there is to know about electronic components and logic gates? Then test your knowledge of electronic circuits in this unique contest.Face challenging questions and prove your engineering skills.Create and simulate intricate circuits based on the problem statements given and prove your mettle in this incredible game of circuits!

Event Managers:
  • Sukanya Roy Choudhury: 9168928481
  • Shubham Totade: 9422817708

To download the rules of event click here.

To download the problem statement click here.

Electro GT

For the first time in India, AXIS brings Electro GT, an electric engine racing event! It's time to paint the race track with the colours of frenzied fantasy, escalated enthusiasm, and inspiring innovation. Every person has that passionate monster hidden inside who wants to experience the ecstasy of driving while pouring life into the components of a remote-controlled car. So, if this passion drives you, let reason hold the reins. Electro GT presents an opportunity to experience the surge of formulating, simulating and racing your very own electric engine car on a challenging race course. If you want to be an unbeatable, unstoppable champion, then think, ideate and innovate! Ignite the track with your Electric Engine!!

"If you have everything under control, you're not moving fast enough"

-Mario Andretti

Event Managers:
  • Mohammed Faraaz Ahmed: 8830423995
  • Piyush Dudurkar: 8806894642
  • Mohd Sami Ahmed: 9561484281

To download the rules of the event click here.

To download the problem statement click here.


Are you ready to challenge the numerary side of your brain? Do numbers,abstruse problems, the origin of numbers amaze you? Freak-O-Matix is the one for you.Find yourself solving intricate puzzles with a degree of toughness ascending with every hurdle only at Freak-O-Matix.

Event Managers:
  • Srujitha Mudunuri: 7032094547
  • Nikhil Sagar M: 9701901059
  • Bommareddy Sree Gayathri : 7032534966

To view/download the rules of Freak-O-Matix click here.

To attempt the testclick here.

To view/download the problem statement of Freak-O-Matix click here.

To attempt the testclick here.


Have a knack for playing games and getting absorbed into the abstruse yet enthralling world of games.....AXIS'18 offers you the relishing experience of gaming...See you on the points table...!!

Event Managers:
  • Abhijeet Pendharkar: 9769959343
  • Amuthan Selvam: 99969728121
  • Mohit Jiwatode: 9822940514
  • Nikhil Muthyala: 8975754046

To download the rules of the eventclick here.

Gamesutra is a gaming event of AXIS consisting of 3 sub-events:
1. Counter-Strike 1.6
2. NFS-Most Wanted (Black Edition)
3. FIFA 18


Forget your worries and delve into fun games at AXIS'18.Enjoy games like foosball and build memories you will cherish for long...!!!

Event Managers:
  • Undeti Gopichand-9561481427
  • Marella Sri Chandana: 8806989777
  • Maneesh: 8551997168
To be updated soon...
To be updated soon...


As the name suggests ,Insomnia is an all-night coding event intended to hone the programming skills of the participants! A plethora of brainstorming problems to choose from in various domains like data structures, algorithms etc are guaranteed to make the participant's insomnia totally worth it! With a warm up challenge a week prior to the contest, flexibilty to code in language of one's choice and exciting rewards at the other end, one will stay boosted, throughout!!

Event Managers:
  • Anish Kelkar: 9422442613
  • Apeksha Bodade : 9545967237

To download the rules of the event click here.

To download the problem statement click here.

Junior Scientist

Passion is the genesis of genius. Get ready for a whole new experience which will groom you with all the versatility to face a competitive world ahead. With competitions Math-a-maze, Ex-quizit, Catapultikon, Model United Nations and Model-o-thon, the event assays the all-round perspective of a student. Believe you have it in you to triumph these stages? Come find out if you are indeed a Junior Scientist.

Event Managers:
  • Shyamli Nimkar: 7588740817
  • Shubham Mahajan: 9545764277
  • Vaibhav Sharma: 7028438413
The event has concluded.
The event has concluded.


The world today is in need of compassion.There are too many people whose problems go unheard, too many who don't get enough opportunities to live the life they deserve.This needs to change.As an educated young mind of the nation, be the driver of this change and contribute to the greater good.Address the challenges faced by the world today with your creative ideas and strengthen our sense of shared humanity and bring a light to other’s lives! This event brings to you real world problems in the form of problem statements.Think out of the box and make this world a better place for you,me and the entire human race!

Event Managers:
  • Kamil: 9158811213
  • Anusha Garimella: 9177985424
  • Ankit M Chauhan: 8554858450

To view/download the rules of the eventclick here.

To view/download the problem statement of the eventclick here.

Last date for the submission of the draft is 18th Feb 2018

Laser Litt

Playing with lasers was a thing of the past....Delving in intricate puzzles with lasers is what you need to do now.Enjoy this event only in its second year of inception at AXIS'18...See you there racking your brain..!!

Event Managers:
  • Avdhoot Sherkar: 9422202349
  • Prakhar Nama: 8551961945

To view/download the rules of the event click here.

To view/download the problem statement of the event click here.


Experience the thrill of racing in this ultimate IC engine car racing event. The revving of the engine, the obstacles on the path and the roar of victory are enough to give you an adrenaline rush. Be a part of this enthralling journey as high speed cars compete against each other to find their way to glory. Let the race begin!

Event Managers:
  • Mohammed Faraaz Ahmed: 8830423995
  • Harender Jeet Arora: 7620795792
  • Mohd Sami Ahmed: 9561484281

To download the rules of the event click here.

To download the problem statement click here.


An impromptu event, with just the prerequisite of a visionary mind and bit of luck, is here for all the budding engineers. This is the event to be at if applying your engineering skills to solve problems gives you a high. Innovate a model for given problem statement and win exciting prizes! The more unprepared you arrive, the better your chances at winning! An extempore event for on the spot thinkers.

Event Managers:
  • Haider Shakir: 9527547252
  • Mounika Guguloth: 8500079894
To be updated soon...
To be updated soon...


It is said that "A picture is worth a thousand words". Same can be said about posters. A poster, if designed creatively can convey complex ideas in clear and concise manner to people of all strata of society. Axis brings a platform for all imaginative geniuses to display their ideas in the form of posters. Present your unique representations of the problem statement in the form of rich visual displays. Get your creative juices flowing and show off your design skills to bag attractive prizes!

Event Managers:
  • Srilekha Gudipati: 9604307572
  • Srichandra: 9849046579
  • Sai Sandeep Yalamanchili: 9604307572

To download the rules click here.

To Download the problem statement click here.

Robo Cup

Keep your eyes on the goal as we unfold an event where you build your own robots and go head to head with teams across the country in a game of Robot Football! Get, Set, Goal!

Event Managers:
  • Om M Kumbhare: 7385659671
  • Prasad Navnath Ugale: 9156484926
  • Himanshu Shankhwar: 9411287469

To download the problem statement click here.

To download the problem statement click here.

Robo Terraformer

Robots are not just lean, mean killing machines. They are instrumental in safety and rescue as well! Build your own Robo-Saviour which can carry out tasks such as maneuver through challenging terrain, lift, move, pick up, carry and much more!

Event Managers:
  • Sai Pothan Janjanam: 7262000543
  • Ankit Kumar: 9576455154
  • Rohit Sandeep Waragade: 8412961951

To download the rules of the eventclick here.

To download the problem statement click here.

For Arena Video click here.


Get ready to destroy your opponents in this fierce battle of robots. Design and create a manually operated, wired/wireless robot that will conquer all enemies. Gather your courage for the victor will be the one that annihilates all!

Event Managers:
  • Saurabh Prakash Palande: 9594328719
  • Divyansh Jain: 9145539281
  • Yash Bathe: 8108485382

To view/download the rules of event click here.

To view/download the problem statement click here.


Research is the first step towards unearthing the unknown.It is an investment in the growth of future technologies and applications.Techno.docx brings a platform for all budding researchers to showcase their newest ideas to the world.Present your original research to a panel of distinguished judges and initiate a change in the industry.

Event Managers:
  • I R S Anudeep: 9420713836
  • Vaibhav Kadlag: 9594215011
  • M Sahithi Prabhad: 9177300538

To download the rules of Techno.Docx click here.

No Problem Statement.


Have an aptitude for physics? Can you construct your own turbine? Time to bring out the Bernoulli in you and use your hydraulics knowledge to rotate a turbine. Decide on the pipe you will use to pass water through all obstacles. Do check for the path that will make water pass with the greatest speed. How much electrical power can your turbine produce? Have fun while you master!

Event Managers:
  • Angunoori Sai Krishna: 7382101928
  • Yelmelwar Ravali: 9494097899
  • M Sai Krishna: 9145539018

To download the rules click here.

To attempt the testclick here.

To download the problem statement click here.

Vidarbha Innovation Challenge

AXIS in association with TEAM (Technical Education Augmentation Mission) and Vibha introduces Vidarbha Innovation Challenge. The motive of the event is to provide technical and innovative ideas to the problems faced by Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. Vidarbha is the eastern region of the Indian state of Maharashtra, comprising Nagpur Division and Amravati Division. It has its own rich, cultural and historical background distinct from rest of Maharashtra. It holds two-thirds of Maharashtra's mineral resources and three-quarters of its forest resources, and is a net producer of power. In spite of these ample of resources it is plagued by poverty and malnutrition. It is less economically prosperous compared to the rest of Maharashtra. The living conditions of farmers in this region are poor compared to India as a whole. We aim at resolving and providing solution to the peculiar problems of Vidarbha. We welcome your technical innovative ideas.

Event Managers:
  • Ashwarya Jain: 9828458618

To view / download the rules of the event click here.

To view / download the problem statement click here.

Wall Street

Wallstreet,the famous lane in New York,now is a metonym for the biggest markets of the world,the financial markets of the United States.Want to experience the same stock trading?AXIS brings to you WallStreet...Try your hand at stocks and find are you intuitive enough for the stock market!!

Event Managers:
  • Anish Gupta: 7028813480
  • Aman Parashar: 7775094904
  • Rutuja Chavan: 7219196604
  • A N V S Mahendra: 9493704738
To be updated soon...
To be updated soon...

Who’s The Boss

Analyse your ability and make decisions worth being proud of.Make this year's "Who's the boss" your genesis of success and savour the success at AXIS18..!!

Event Managers:
  • Adarsh Mathur : 8291108103
  • Ilesh Agrawal: 9960549425
  • Apurva Rathi: 7038501676
Event with individual participation with no entry fees.

To download the problem statement click here.