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Innovations in technology and science rev development of societies. However, if those innovations are not able to reach out to people then these developments will stall. Hence, we need new, innovative and point-blank marketing strategies to identify and outreach potential consumers with ease and in larger numbers. ANALYTICO is a step towards innovation marketing where sheer marketing, data analytics and innovative minds of the participants will be tested.


  • Round 1: Here we will conduct a simple yet testing quiz for our participants. Quiz will be based on Logical reasoning, data analytics and general knowledge of the marketing world. Top 30 participants will be shortlisted for the following 2 rounds based on performance in quiz. Teams of 3 students will be formed from the shortlisted students.
  • Round 2: Each team will have to bring registrations on GORG website. Points will be given based on number of website registrations brought by teams. Customers registering on the website using referrals will get discount vouchers based on slabs.
  • Round 3: This will be a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and data analytics round. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) workshop will be conducted and then teams will be given some data and stats for Data Analytics on given a given set of problems.

  • Each team will then give a formal presentation of 8-10 minutes on their work in Round 2 and Round 3. Each member of the team needs to speak for atleast 2.5 minutes. Hence, in Round 3 teams will be marked for their performance in task and presentation.
    Teams will be ranked based on cumulative score of Round 2 and 3. Top 3 teams will be awarded.

    Rules and Regulations

  • All participants must register at
  • The selection for the 2nd and 3rd round (main round) will be purely based on the eliminations conducted in the 1st round.
  • Participants need to carry valid ID of their respective institute.
  • Open to individual participants and not as a group/team from any college.
  • The teams formed on-the-spot for the second round by the event organizers and managers on random basis will be final.

  • NOTE: The decision of the Event Managers shall be regarded and treated as final and binding on all. They have the rights to verify identity of the participants if required.
    Stay tuned for the Round 1 dates!!


    Apurv Bansal
    Vishwateja Yadav