If you have a knack for machines, electronic components and love blending them together to add functionality to the design, these events await you where your knowledge of mechanical, electrical engineering and electronics circuits will be put to the test.

Construction and Design

These events impart the ideal opportunity to implement theoretical knowledge and proficiency of chiefly structural and fluid mechanics along with designing and critical thinking talent. An open challenge to the architecture and civil engineering undergrads.

This section evaluates your intellectual prowess which has been imbibed through interaction and learning with the external world and comprises an assessment of your soft skills, lateral thinking, coordination and general knowledge

These events are largely talent search examinations conducted for students across countless schools and necessitate teamwork and responsibility to bring fruition. If you likely possess these attributes, by all means you are welcome.

Software And Electronics

This pool of events is another skill-expertise-thinking frenzy, scrutinizing your coding proficiency, electrical and electronic circuits debugging and a logical reasoning and decryption-based test to energize your gray matter.

Igniting Minds

Here lies the platform for all-round development of the mind which includes events requiring social awareness and responsibility, a paper presentation stage for academic excellence and an eccentric quizzing competition for pushing the limits of knowledge.