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About AXIS

AXIS is the annual technical festival of VNIT, consisting of a gamut of events, guest lectures, workshops and exhibitions that provide a myriad of opportunities for students to enlighten their bright inquisitive minds. Starting out in the year 2001, AXIS has transformed into Central India’s largest technical festival and is now counted to be amongst the top in the nation. It has since, been strong on its pillars of innovation, creativity and team work. An array of events on the different categories of technical, design, recreation and management, provide to the students an apt atmosphere to gain more knowledge and compete with the best from all over the nation. AXIS has been host to eminent personalities such as Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, Dr A S Kiran Kumar, Nitin Gadkari , Sunita L. Williams and Amish Tripathi and has a footfall of around 20,000 students. We aim to provide a platform to the young engineers to convert the theoretical knowledge to practical innovations.









The world is progressing everyday thanks to every innovative mind across the globe. AXIS'20 celebrates this gusto for discovering something new and the zeal for knowledge by revealing its eclectic theme and tagline for this edition- An Innovator's Odyssey. Hold your breaths as a whirlpool of exciting events, didactic guest lectures and many more intoxicating mysteries await your presence.

Official Merchandise

"Think out of the box" is one of the most common and clichéd statements made to encourage innovation, to do what has never done before.This edition of AXIS, we instead wish to promote the line of thought, "Thinking like there is no box", to encourage being free of all constraints and push ourselves beyond the defined boundaries.Everyone sticks with conventional methods, but we go beyond! Buy our official merchandise, the AXIS T-shirt at just Rs 250/- and join us in breaking and redefining trends.

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