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About Space Innovation Challege :

The launch of Chandrayaan-2 has inspired many young minds and has instilled curiosity amongst them to learn and explore the subject of space research. Thus to maintain such idiosyncrasy, we aim to organize a Space Innovation Challenge for the first time in AXIS’20 (The annual technical festival of VNIT). The aim of this event is to provide a platform for young minds from all over India to showcase their vision for space research.

As India is making progress in space research and development, the main aim of this challenge is to spark curiosity among young minds and help them initiate and invent and carry on their endeavours in space research.

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Note: Students have to submit their solution to the given problem. With this initiative we want the innovative synapses of students to spark, so we expect students to not copy the ideas entirely from internet, although references can be taken.


  • The Challenge will be conducted in 2 categories and team consisting mandatorily of 3 students:
    (a)Class 8th-10th
    (b)Class 11th-12th

  • 1st Round :
    Each team has to solve the problem statement in given format and and also appear for a test, and the cumulative score of the both will be considered for the selection to further rounds.

  • 2nd Round:
    Top 16 teams from each category (Total 32 teams) will be qualified for next round which will be conducted in VNIT, Nagpur and the Jury for second round will be consisting of ISRO scientists .The detail of second round will be conveyed accordingly via mail.

Awards and Prizes

  • Winners will get a chance to visit Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota and witness the modern-day launchpads as well as space technologies used by ISRO.
  • Winners of this challenge will get certificates, trophies and will be felicitated by ISRO scientists.
  • Top 6 teams will be invited to VNIT, Nagpur during AXIS 2019-20 and will get the opportunity to attend all programs.
  • Digital Certificates will be provided to the participants of Space Innovation Challange.

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