Why sponsor us ?

AXIS draws local, corporate, national crowd from different parts of country. Sponsors can count on AXIS, VNIT for large number of attendees gaining recognisation of companies.

Association of the sponsoring companies with AXIS can be especially powerful because it would indicate that they cares about and is willing to invest in educational culture.

Sponsors would have an opportunity to pitch to a niche market that may not be possible the other way. Associating companies may have an customised event to highlight its products and services.

Companies not only gets to expand their reach to consumers but also get the chances to network with others in industry and cultivate relationships that drive business growth.

AXIS,VNIT would provide an environment where audience can make face-to-face connections with companies and interact with others who share their interests and purchasing preferences.

Companies can create and design activities with AXIS,VNIT to engage consumers so as to generate more sales.

We have the trust of brands like

and 200 more


Prajwal Pise
Ritika Ghadiya
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