Hacktrack v2.0

As information security increasingly becoming a boardroom level concern, training and certification are becoming increasingly important for candidates and companies. With a promising novel initiative on the cards, this year TechDefence has decided to extend & prospectus of HackTrack- Hands on Workshop on Ethical Hacking and Information Security in association with Sunny Vaghela, Director & CTO of TechDefence across India.

The workshop content is specially designed by TechDefence Team for aspiring hacking and information security geeks. The workshop contents are specially designed by TechDefence in co-ordination with Techniche Team for aspiring hacking and information security geeks.

Workshop Highlights & Benefits:

  • Hands on Demonstration of Latest Hacking Techniques & tools.
  • Hands on investigation Demonstration of various cases solved by Sunny Vaghela.
  • Personal Interaction with Sunny Vaghela.
  • Hands on Practice Sessions
  • Ethical Hacking Toolkit(Includes PowerPoint Presentations, Tools,Ebooks worth 500).
  • Topper of Workshop will be offered CCSE ( Certified Cyber Security Expert) worth 15,000 INR.
  • Unique Barcode to Access to HackTrack Portal for 2 years.

Workshop Duration:

CEHE Integrated Level 1 & Level 2 – 2 Days (16 Hours)

Date : 20th and 21st September

Workshop Fees:

1200/- per participant

  download manual for more details


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Biped Bot on Arduino

  • “Biped Bot” on “ARDUINO”, a Servomechanism & microcontroller based robotics workshop by ARK Techno solutions and AXIS, VNIT.
  • Robots capable to walk run and dance on its feet by the signals coming from your controller board.
  • This workshop will be conducted for 2 days (16 Hrs.), with each day divided into 2 sessions
  • Charges :-

    1. 6000 per team (max.5 members)

    2. 1200 per head

  • Individual participation certificate.
  • Certified by ARK, Atmel University, VNIT Nagpur
  • Free take away kit.
  • Information & software CD
  • Venue :- Auditorium VNIT ,Nagpur
  • Dates :- 23rd to 24th Auguest.

Internet Of Things

How great is it when your door can update its Facebook status every time someone opens it? How about just one app to control all the appliances in your house? Welcome to The Internet of Things. Here to make life beautiful, it’s all about making homes and cities much smarter and more integrated than we ever thought before. Be a part of it with the Internet of Things workshop. Learn to build an App to control Lights in your home.

The workshop will cover various concepts like working with Raspberry Pi, GPIOs, Basics of HTML and Python programming languages, Setting up a Server, jQuery, AJAX, Automated E-Mails, Facebook updates and much more.

  • Individual Participation Certificate
  • Certified By Inventrom
  • Take Away Kit worth Rs. 5000 (Winning team)
  • Information and Software CD

  • Venue : Auditorium, VNIT Nagpur.
  • Date : 30th to 31st August


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6th Sense Arduino Workshop

AXIS’14, VNIT Nagpur is going big with the 1st workshop based on SixthSense ARDUINO Botz with special attraction of I-Touch botix from the pioneer of Sixthsense workshop and India's only award winning company "ARK Technosolutions"

In this workshop, you will try to interface digital world with physical world. We all sit in front of computer entire day for our daily activity and one hand is busy clicking the things on the computer, then we felt to design something that can interface the real human with the computer. We humans can see the things around us, differentiate between colours then why can’t machine? And that thought leads us to design “SixthSenseBotz”

All these days the participants would have used traditional sensors like IR, ultrasonic, LDR sensors etc. which were used for sensing an obstacle or light, but these sensors where never able tell the robot the color of the light or the type of obstacle present in front of the robot. In this two day workshop, using a camera, the robot will be able to tell what the robot is sensing.

The time has arrived to show capabilities to the world with empowering the youth of the country with non conventional workshops.